Kris Sopiqoti

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“It’s a great opportunity to share our experiences and composition. The idea of going to any of these cities and start writing a new music and having the opportunity to be played and heard in all these places, it’s such an inspiration and one important thing is that this project proves that music knows no borders.“ K.S.


Kris Sopiqoti - Born in Fier, 17 february 1994 he studied at the School of Arts "Jakov Xoxa" in the piano class of pedagogue Marjana Xoxa who have studied with Hungarian Pianist Maria Rafail. He graduated in Composition at the University of Arts under the direction of Prof. Grand Master Aleksander Peci with an absolute grade of 10/10. In 2016 he completes the study of six months under Erasmus+ program at the Conservatory "Giusseppe Tartini" rieste/Italy, in the class of composer Prof. Fabio Nieder.Where he gratuadet with the maximum vote of 30 | 30 and Lode. During his studies in Trieste he attended the classes of professors Nicola Buso(Electronic Music), Stefanno Bellon (Composer)and Letizia
Michielon.After the graduation he has been a guest lecturer since 2017 at the University of Arts in Tirana. Since 2019 works alongside with Venezian contemporary ensemble “Enydra Ensemble”.
Participant in Masterclass with:
Balàsz Horvàth (Czech Republic) Composer ,
Masterclass with Ivo Medek (Czech Republic)Composer,
MasterClass with Fabio Nieder (Italy) Composer 2016,
Masterclass with Stefano Belon (Italy) Composer 2016,
Masterclass with Alessandro Olla(Italy)Composer 2017,
Masterclass with Danile Ledda (Italy) Electroacoustic Composer 2017,
Masterclass with Ada Gentile (Italiy) Composer 2018,
Masterclass with Composer Thomas Simaku) (York/England),
Electronic Composition 2018 masterclass with Johannes Kretz (Austria),
Workshop "Tirana Composition Academy" with Thoma Simaku(York/England) and Clarinetist Jerome Comté from Ensemble Intercontemporain(Paris).
Participants in concerts:
Students Concert 2016 - Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello
Students Concert 2016 - 5 Tables for Pianoforte Pianodrome Second Edition -Variations for Piano, Violin, Cello Pianodrome Third Edition -Sonata for Pianoforte,
Students Concert 2017 – String quartet,
Pianodrom fifth edition 2018 String Quartet,
Pianodrom fifth edition 2018 Paraphrase from Piano Concerto no1,
New Albanian Music 2018 Paraphrase from Concerto for Pianoforte,
Concert at the Art School Fier Jakov Xoxa,
Concert of New Albanian Composers,June2019,string quartet No2 “La Creazione Laica”
Concert in Bogota/Colombia-AlbPhonia 1(Clarinet-Xhovan Dimo,
Concert in Sydney / Australia August 2019 AlbPhonia 1 for solo clarinets (Ian Sykes Clarinet)
Second Concert in Sydney / Australia September 2019 AlbPhonia 1f or solo clarinets (Ian Sykes Clarinet),
Concert with “Enydra Ensmble”Venezia 2020.
Works as composer under the project “Music Without Border” from “Minstry of Culture” in Albania and associations “CSDA”(Center for Sustainable Development In Albania).
Since 2019 he is a composer selected by Alan Holley and Sirius Chamber Ensemble in Sydney / Australia to write a new work and premiere there.
Scheduled and commissioned for a new work and 2020 premiere in Sydney / Australia.