Kreshnik Alickaj

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"It is a very good feeling and will be a very interesting experience to be part of this project, where I will get to know the other composers of the countries participating. It is very important that the project enables the opportunity to perform our newly composed pieces, so the audience will have the opportunity to listen to the works of all other composers in one or two concerts in different cities.
We will exchange our thoughts and messages through composed music and I also hope that we shall offer the audience beautiful
music, since the purpose of art is to make people feel better and closer to each other." K.A.


Kreshnik Alickaj (1982) is a composer from Kosovo. He graduated at the University of Prishtina in Music Pedagogy and Composition in the class of prof. Mr. Mendi Mengjiqi, a composer, student of the famous Krzysztof Penderecki
He completed a master's degree in theory and composition with the same professor.
Alickaj is currently a professor of harmony and harmonic analysis at the Faculty of Arts, Music Department in University of Pristina.

He has composed 4 Symphonies, 5 concerts: "Concerto for violin, piano and orchestra", "Concerto for trombone", "Concerto for clarinet", "Concerto for guitar and orchestra", "Concerto for viola and orchestra", "Mother Teresa" cantata and many chamber works and some choral works.
Almost all of his works have been performed in Kosovo in various music events and festivals, and some of the works have been awarded and performed also internationally.
2009 Performance of Symphony no. 1 – Kosovo Philharmonic Symphonic orchestra – conductor -Toshio Yanagisawa, Prishtina (Republic of Kosovo);
2012 - Performance of Symphony no. 2 – Kosovo Philharmonic Symphonic orchestra – conductor -Toshio Yanagisawa, Prishtina (Republic of Kosovo);;
2012 - 2013 performance of the chamber piece "Dardania Sacra" – Italy;
2012 - 2013 – string quartet performed by quartet ensemble "Fegus" in Slovenia and Austria;
2013 performance of “Piano sextet" – ChopinPiano festival in Prishtina (Republic of Kosovo)
2013 – String trio "Dardania Sacra" performed by "Flex Ensemble" in Hanover – Germany;
2014 – Performance of "Symphony nr.2" from the symphonic orchestra of Albanian Radio Television – conducted by Baki Jashari, Tirana (Albania);
2014 – Performance of Symphony nr. 3 – Kosovo Philharmony Symphonic orchestra – conducted by Eno Koço, Prishtina (Republic of Kosovo);;
2016 – Performance of cantata “Nëna Terezë” at the cathedral “Saint Paul”- Rome, Italy;
2017 – Performance of the concert for violin, piano and orchestra from the Kosovo Philharmony
Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Bujar Llapaj, Prishtina (Republic of Kosovo);
2019 – Performance of “Concert for clarinet and orchestra” Kosovo Philharmony Symphonic –conducted by Gregory Charrette; Prishtina (Republic of Kosovo);
2020 – Performance of the piece titled “Viotar” for violin and guitar from the French performers Pierre Fouchenneret – violin and Jeremy Jouve – guitar, Paris (France);
2020 – Performance of the piece titled “Duo Dance” for euphonium and vibraphone performed by Danielle Van Tuinen and Danielle Moreau – USA;
2020 – Performance of the piece titles “Wind trio” performed by the ensemble Willingdon House Music, London (Great Britain);